The charge for the services listed here is $50 to $90 per hour, with a discount considered for non-profit organizations and independent writers. Per-project and per-piece fees may also be negotiated.

Developmental editor

Developmental editing can encompass a variety of related tasks and strategies, depending on the manuscript and the goals and needs of the client. Sometimes it can be compared to midwifery, at other times to home remodeling. Its object is always to realize an author's goals and intentions.

  • Improve cohesion and the logical flow of ideas
  • Restructure organization; combine or separate chapters; move paragraphs; alter heading structure
  • Rewrite; fill gaps in content
  • Coach authors on writing and organizing strategies; develop outlines
  • Work closely with staff editors if necessary

EditCraft can be engaged to write material of any length for almost any audience, based on experience and knowledge in education, technology, science, literature, environmental resource analsys, urban planning, and a variety of other fields.

  • Write end-user guides, chapters, reports, marketing copy, web content, curriculum modules, etc.
  • Write material to specification
  • Research and collect information
  • Write material as part of an editorial or writing team
  • Ghost write
  • Collaborate with an author

The line between developmental editing and copyediting can be blurred, so EditCraft offers copyediting services for projects that may involve some structural reorganization as well as the basic copyediting tasks--or what may be called substantive editing.

  • Revise drafts for clarity, flow, logic
  • Identify problem spots and work with author to resolve them
  • Fit manuscript to appropriate length
  • Hone style and repair grammar
  • Match styles of multiple authors
  • Create and/or implement style guides

Editorial consulting includes a range of services for authors, publishing companies, and other businesses that produce written communication. Developmental assessments for publishers are an EditCraft specialty.

For authors:

  • Evaluate manuscripts for editing needs and publishability
  • Coach the writing or revision process
  • Estimate work required for revision
  • Assist with the development of outlines
  • Define scope or purpose of a project

For publishers:

  • Developmental assessments: determine a manuscript's strengths and weaknesses and what would be required in a developmental edit
  • Project management and project editing: coordinate writers; guide a complex project to completion

For businesses:

  • Facilitate training seminars to improve staff writing skills
  • Write house style guides
Information design

Information design includes a variety of services that have to do with organizing diverse types of information--images, words, data, video--so that readers or users know how to find what they want and use it most effectively. It is, in a sense, traditional editorial development applied to digital media.

  • Design and implement websites
  • Write online help systems for software applications
  • Analyze interface usability
  • Develop interface, structure, and content guidelines