A naturally faceted "Herkimer diamond" quartz crystal transmits light and image with perfect clarity, as will prose edited by EditCraft. Cohesive prose holds together--the parts relate to and reinforce each other; they share a common purpose, tone, and style. Concise writing is efficient and economical: it drives home the point with as few words as possible. If you want the power that comes from concision, hire EditCraft. The ancient Greek orator Demosthenese embodied eloquence--the effective and persuasive use of language. Not everyone can write with eloquence, but anyone can hire a good editor. The filagreed tendrils of the metalwork on the door of the cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris suggest fluidity or flow, the effortless movement of prose toward its conclusion. It is achieved when all the writer's ideas merge in common purpose, like rivulets joining into a river. A well-structured piece of writing, like this 1100-year-old wall of Pueblo Bonito at Chaco Canyon, has a logical, thought-out plan of construction that allows all the parts to join together in creating a solid, long-lasting edifice. When you have a lot to say, it can be hard to make it all fit together when you write it down. EditCraft can shape your ideas so they fit together better, and, like puzzle pieces, make up a unified whole. EditCraft strives to give your writing the power, beauty, energy, and vigor of a horse running on the beach. EditCraft Editorial Services
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Eric Engles of EditCraft Editorial Services assists clients in bringing any publishing project to fruition, on paper or the Web. He has exceptional breadth of content knowledge and 15+ years of experience as a developmental editor, writer, ghost writer, information designer, technical editor, and liaison between content experts and programmers. He edits scholarly books, how-to books, textbooks, self-help books, general non-fiction, and Web content. He writes help systems, software user guides, school curricula, multimedia storyboards, and Web content. His clients include University of California Press, Pearson Education, Consulting Psychologists Press, Social Policy Research Associates, New World Library, Hewlett Packard, Apple Computer, and independent authors.